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“”The Puiatti Family, with their Maison Villa Parens, continues a long tradition of conquests, leaderships and innovations. As pioneers of a Purist Philosophy based on the Essential and Purity, they established the Puiatti Method, electing it an authentic synonym of elegance and simplicity. Because of its novelty and uniqueness, this is an epoch-making change in the universe of the aesthetics of the wine world, which expresses and enhances history, terroir, taste and contemporary pleasure in an inimitable supreme balance.


The future belongs to people who dare to be different. Things we build make us who we are. Creativity is the strength to transform something that lives in the abstract into something perceivable. Things that are imagined pleasurable by themselves become wonderful if shared; when there is a consensus it surrounded by the smiles and the joy of many people. Building something really special is an Art, a wise mixture where each element is like a note in a great harmony. Here we go again, to do what we love most, with the devout passion of those who were born, grew up and lived in the terroir, working with it and with it’s tradition. A new, limited, refined and exclusive production, designed with elegance and simplicity, to fascinate and excite. Since 1967 and on into the present, the enjoyment of elegant drinking. You are responsible for choosing, we are responsible for impressing you.

Before being a drink, wine is an idea.”

Elisabetta e Giovanni Puiatti


Villa Parens is a boutique winery expressive of tradition and innovation. Located in Farra d’Isonzo in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the estate was founded by Elisabetta and Giovanni Puiatti who put their long-standing passion for wine and their land in a new concept winery, with fine and limited production, conceived in harmony with nature, through elegance and simplicity.


Six hectares of vineyards in Ruttars on the Collio’s hills, give a production of about 50.000 bottles per year. The wine cellar is located in Farra d’Isonzo at their beautiful renovated family mansion.

Collio is a blessed area with steep sloped vineyards with blends of minerals. This hilly area between the north of Gorizia province and the Slovenian border has a particular microclimate due to its location protected by the pre Alps and the Julian Mountains and affected by the Adriatic see about 20km of distance. The soil is sandstone with stratified marl that gives to the wine complexity, richness and elegance.


The name of the brand Villa Parens is a homage to their family, in fact, in latin parens means parents, and in particular reference to their father Vittorio Puiatti, well known oenologist, pioneer of a new vision of making wine, who changed the history of wine in Friuli and of white wine in Italy for the Chardonnay grape, the same grape variety known and grown all over the world but that was not yet recognized and accepted in Italy and confused, at that time, with Pinto Bianco. After his battle in 1976, the CEE recognized and authorized Italy to grow and make wine with Chardonnay grape advising to print on the label “Pinot Bianco Chardonnay”. Afterwards in 1978 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry recognized to the authenticity of the grape variety.

giovanni-elisabettaThe Puiatti family has been making wine since 1967, however having sold their winery to the Tenimenti Angelini Group in 2010, they have now returned with a reinvigorated vision: making elegant wines, not too high in alcohol, no oak used at all in production, a natural approach in harmony with nature, and the minimal use of sulphites in the wines. The first vintage with the new brand Villa Parens is dated 2013.

The philosophy of no oak for Giovanni Puiatti, also winemaker of the estate, is due to the fact that oak allows micro oxidation that increases the maturation of wine, modifying the primary aroma. To obtain fresh, enjoyable, fruity and elegant wine, the fermentation is strictly in steel tanks, followed by the aging in the bottle. As per Giovanni’s quote “The tradition lives only if it finds itself with the ability to innovate” in 1983, they were the first in Friuli to buy a compressed-air press to press the grapes at low pressure, very gently, similar to being hand pressed, through an exclusive procedure under inert gas to protect from oxidation throughout the initial process of pressing the grapes.

The grapes cultivated in Ruttars vineyard are Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla and Pinot Noir. Ribolla Gialla is an indigenous grape from Friuli, present in the region since at least the 13th century. Ribolla gialla is the quintessential expression of the region and in particular of the Collio hills, with floral, aromatic hints and good acidity that make this grape suitable for sparkling wine as well. Strong and vigorous grapes, not too high in alcohol, an enjoyable wine well paired with appetizers, fish dishes and soup.

Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the three international grapes par excellence that have adapted very well in the Friuli’s lands. Fermented in steel, giving elegant wines, a delicate and intense at palate taste.

Alongside the still wines, a large part of the production is used to make extraordinary sparkling wines by Champenoise method: Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut a selection of Ribolla Gialla and Chardonnay, Blanc de Noirs zero dosage vintage of Pinot Noir 100% and Rose de Noirs zero dosage of Pinot Noir vinified in rose. All the sparkling wine matures in the bottle for 24 months before disgorging.

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