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Villa M was created in 1974 under the name of Villa Moscatel. Initially there was only the white version, and it was  an instant success. Many remember the peculiar look, with the bottles having a hanging  label-tag written by hand.

In the second half of the ’80s its version from red grapes was  tested and developed. Initially known as La Cresta, now it’s simply Villa M Rosso. It is similar to Villa M Bianco featuring elegant notes of red fruits.

In 2014 it is the turn of Villa M Rosé, that while faithful to the other two versions expresses a character played on the delicacy and elegance. Finally, in 2015, Villa M Cuvée Dolce was born. A extremely fine “bubble” obtained by a great grape selection and an particularly slow fermentation.

The grapes harvested in September are immediately pressed to separate the skins from the juice. The juice is immediately cooled to prevent naturally the beginning of the alcoholic fermentation. After a period of low temperature storage, it begins the fermentation, which is purposely stopped on reaching the alcohol content of 5%. As a result, we obtain a residue of natural sugars from grape. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled containers, and at this stage, there is the natural formation of a delicate effervescence.

In the cases of Rosso and Rosè, the grapes are briefly macerated at low temperature in order to dissolve the colour into the juice.

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