Pinot Nero
IGT 2014
Villa Parens

Pinot Nero 2014 Villa Parens 

ABV: 12.6%

Bottle: 750ml

Grape: 100% Pinot Nero

Region: Friuli

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Cru Ruttars

Ruttars is the hill in Collio where these grapes are born. Cru, vineyard, is a French oenological term which has, over time, developed a complex meaning and is difficult to translate into other languages with just one word. The term indicates the concepts of notoriety, originality and the quality of a vineyard all together to express the superior characteristics of a particular terroir, the vines that cultivated there and of the grapes that are then harvested. They are born out of the love and artisan skill that the Puiatti family has always dedicated to the art of making wine.

High class, probably like no other, is the boundary, the demarcation, between white and red wine. Delicate, refined, extremely elegant, it is the highest challenge for the greatest emotional thrill. In a land with a natural predisposition, our philosophy is not to use wood to age or accelerate the maturity of the wine, not an imitation of Burgundy, we concentrate on the word Pinot, interpreting it, almost, like a coloured white wine. First de-stemmed, then pressed, a few days of maceration to obtain a brilliant ruby red colour, to extract a few gentle tanins, refining the acidity, for a perfect equilibrium. It is a demanding task but, in a land dedicated to refinement and elegance, not having to force an unnatural fullness, is a challenge in which we believe. The red wine that completes our portfolio.

From the queen of grapes, the King of wines.

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IGT 2014
Villa Parens”

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