Moscato Cuvee
Villa M 2014
Gianni Gagliardo

Moscato Villa M Cuvee 2014 G Gagliardo

ABV: 6.5%

Bottle: 750ml

Grape: 100% Moscato

Region: Piedmont

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After a thorough study involving some of the greatest talents in the field of Italian wine, a dream has come true:  Villa M Cuvée. It is a Moscato Spumante of extraordinary quality dedicated to the most demanding palates.

Its alcohol content is low, 6.5%.
Its residual sugar is totally derived from grapes.
Its great freshness completes the work of nature and man with a perfect counterpoint.


Villa M Cuvée is a celebrating bubble par excellence. It is uncorked more conventionally after dinner or with desserts.  It can be easily matched to fresh fruit, and can give rise to amazing creative combinations with savoury food.


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Villa M 2014
Gianni Gagliardo”

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