MADAMA Barbera d’alba DOC 2014
Gianni Gagliardo

MADAMA Barbera d’alba DOC 2014 G Gagliardo

ABV: 13.5%

Bottle: 750ml

Grape: 100% Barbera

Region: Piedmont

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It is the combination of grapes coming from two areas, Langhe and Roero. The first area gives depth and volume and the second provides mineral and fragrance. It ages predominantly in stainless steel to achieve lively fruit and vibrant taste.

Vintage description
In 2013 on average picking operations began 15 days later than over the last 10 years, and ended early in November with the last bunches of nebbiolo. a difficult start, followed by a second period that rescued the situation, and meant that with the particularly calm climate in the months of September and October harvesting operations could be delayed with very satisfactory results. In conclusion, we can say that for all our grape-varieties it was a demanding vintage to manage in the field, in terms of yields as well. What undoubtedly made the difference was making the right choice on when to take action on the basis of climate, variety and pedoclimatic conditions. Wherever green harvesting and stripping of the leaves were carried out at the righttime and in the right way, well-structured, long-lasting wines will be obtained to make 2013 an excellent vintage.

The Barbera grapes are hand picked and carried to the cellar in small baskets to be pressed within a few hours from the harvest. The selection of the grapes is carried out mainly in the vineyard and it is then completed on a selection belt. The must is left to ferment at a temperature of about 26°C. After the fermentation and racking the new wine is blended and undergoes the malolactic fermentation. After about 6 months aging in stainless steel the Barbera is bottled and itrests a few months before being released.

Varietal composition: 100% Barbera
Harvest: end of September
Vineyards: Piemonte, Langhe
Maceration: 3-5 days
MLF: 100%
Ageing: 6 months in stainless steel before being bottled
Wine analysis
Alcohol: 13,50%
Total acidity: 6,67 g/L
Dry extract: 28,1 g/L


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Gianni Gagliardo”

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