Blanc de Noirs Zero Dosage 2013
Villa Parens

Blanc de Noirs Dosage Zero 2013 Villa Parens

ABV: 12.2%

Bottle: 750ml

Grape: 90% Pinot Nero-10% Pinot Meunier

Region: Friuli

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Blanc de Noirs vintage is Pinot Noir  (90%) and 10% of Pinout Meunier blended, with Champenoise method, zero dosage. Seventy-two months on the lees give a sparkling wine with a complex aroma, velvety texture and fine bubbles known as perlage. Best served between 10 and 12 C. Perfect with lobster, scallops, veal, duck, or simply with Italian focaccia and mortadella.

Producers Description: 

“Sparkling Dosage Zero for the Collio Hills of the Bubbles

The Classic Method (Metodo Classico or Champanoise Method) is a production process of sparkling wine. It induces the second fermentation of the wine in the bottle through the introduction of a selection of sugar and yeast (liqueur de tirage). This way the wine acquires the traditional pressure visible in the form of bubbles, guaranteeing carbon monoxide produced by the second fermentation (presa di spuma), which takes place in the bottle. The duration of the evolution of the yeast, for the Classic Method, leads to more exclusivity and complexity of the sparkling wine. Compared to other methods it achieves more elegance and refinement. To not compare or to compare to Champagne, for terroir or typicality, but instead to know that all the virtues of the refinement in the bottle manifests in the maximum expression of the technique and the oenology, for the Collio Hills of the Bubbles, so as not to have further doubts. We were the first, in 1978, to believe the growing zone of Collio could, more than just important white wines, inspire the creativity also for the original sparkling Classic Method.

Vintage Blanc de Noirs obtained by Pinot Noir. 72 months on the lees and zero dosage because the most ambitious challenges never end. Soft froth and very fine bubbles. The Outsider from Friuli, for the emotions of a classic taste.

The Sparkling Way of happiness.”

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Villa Parens”

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