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Poderi Gianni Gagliardo epitomizes Barolo,the king of wines’, with undisputed quality and elegance in an estate composed of 3gagliardo_04640 hectares with vineyards located between Langhe and Roero in the Piedmont region. The 11 vineyards are situated in the villages of La Morra, Barolo, Monforte d’Alba, Serralunga d’Alba and Monticello d’Alba.

The specific terroir of these regions gives the wines their unique and exceptional personality, which gather and bring out the finest qualities of the Langhe and Roero regions, characterized by the complex geological profile.

The estate is owned by the Gagliardo family, with Gianni Gagliardo at the helm. In 1973 he married Marivanna Colla, whose family have been making wine since 1847. In particular, her father Paolo Colla was the fourth generation of the Colla family who had dedicated himself with intense energy to Barolo. Soon a deep friendship and fruitful collaboration between the two men soon developed, which has been the basis of the extraordinary success of the wines of Gianni Gagliardo worldwide.

Gianni GagliardoFrom the mid-eighties, Gianni took the reins of the winery that now bears his name, inheriting the secular tradition of the Colla family. From that moment the evolution has been unstoppable.

Gianni, with his passion and his charm, has exported the precious Gagliardi family labels around the world. President of the prestigious Accademia del Barolo, Gianni is not only a wine producer, but also a writer. With his book “Sulle ali del Barolo” he discusses his travels, through Barolo, to describe some of the most beautiful and intense experiences, both personal and professional, meeting intriguing and interesting people.

The Gagliardo motto is “In vino veritas”. “Un grande vino tocca l’anima, unisce, mette a nudo gli animi, fa cadere la maschera”. “In wine there is truth”, which translates as “A great wine touches the soul, unites, baring the soul, allowing the mask to slip”. This philosophy is expressed in the logo of the “fallen mask”. The mask slips when we share a bottle of wine.

gagliardo familyContinuing with the tradition now, the sixth generation is in the saddle, with Stefano, Alberto and Paolo, Gianni Gagliardo’s sons. They are bringing new energy and innovation to the firm. Taking care of different aspects of the business, from the care of the vineyards, with attention to the climate changes, to the commercial growth of sales.

Stefano is an oenologist and is in charge of the style of the wines, which are characterized by a tireless search for elegance, balance, and harmony. Alberto has the responsibility for the vineyards, continuing to seek optimal balance in the plants and a perfect ripening of the grapes. Paolo after finishing his study in Agricultural Sciences with a thesis on the Nebbiolo grape, has set about increasing commercial sales.

The production of this fascinating estate is around 180.000 bottles per year. The grapes cultivated are Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Favorita, which is the Piedmont version of Vermentino grapes, that grow far from the coast in a continental climate which gives lot of character and makes it fresh and fragrant.

Stefano Gagliardo’s quote encloses the philosophy of the estate “all the work in the vineyard and in the winery aim towards a cutgrapesggvery specific goal, to produce wines with great balance and elegance.”

The pursuit of balance, respect for the soil & environment and respect for the vines are the aims of the Gagliardo’s estate, the results are fine and elegant wines with unique character and great quality.

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