Cru Prive organizes events that suit every need. We provide wine events for private parties bringing our awareness and giving a touch of Italian style to make your party successful.

We organize many activities, wine tastings and wine parings, every time picking a different region or a different theme. We will take you on a sensorial trip via the wines through the most beautiful Italian regions, finding new producers and discovering indigenous grapes never tasted before, mirror of a specific land and terroir.

Do you want to know the difference between Prosecco, Francia Corta, and Champagne? Do you want to know the best wine pairing for the trickiest dishes such as artichoke or mushrooms? Comparing the same grape from different countries?

So, if your answer is yes, join us in a relaxing and enjoyable evening to learn more about wine, we will bring you into this intriguing and fascinating world that only a fine wine can offer.  Discover how inside of every bottle of wine there is a story of tradition, passion and thousands of years of culture.